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We Furloughed employees, What’s next?

We Furloughed employees, What’s next?


Have you been one of the many, who unfortunately, had to make the difficult decisions to furlough employees due to the Covid-19 pandemic? If so, I bet you have a bunch of questions that you are looking for answers to, especially in regards to how to deal with your Workers’ Compensation Audit.

Recently the State Bureau(s) and NCCI published information for release to assist employers which cover how to classify your employees during your workers’ comp. audit, such as:


  • Workers have been laid off without pay
  • Workers furloughed and receiving partial pay and partial unemployment benefits
  • How should funds for the PPP or other forms of aid be accounted for or applied
  • Employee is now being paid to work from home


If you need assistance with navigating your workers compensation from a true professional, give us a call to discuss today!


Team - Tom Lesondak

Tom Lesondak, CLCS, RWCS