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By November 14, 2022Personal Insurance

With 2 seconds left on the clock, Appalachian State faced 4th & 10 with the ball on their own 47-yard line, down 28-26 to Sun Belt Conference foe Troy, leaving the Mountaineers only enough time for a last-ditch Hail Mary. App State quarterback Chase Brice, throws just short of the goal line, where the ball is bounced up and placed in the hands of wide receiver Christian Horn who turns into the endzone for a final second upset touchdown. 

This is the spirit of the great American sport, Football. Whether it is college or National Football League (NFL) people are always sporting and cheering for their favorites. Who is your favorite team? One your family alway grew up watching? A team where you visited and fell in love with? Perhaps, it is a team you went to school with? REgardless of your team, a historical football upset will get anyone excited. Let’s take a look back at some other historical football upsets , much like Appalachian States upset against Tory on September 17th, 2022. 

  1. Vikings upset 49ers in 1987 PLayoffs
  1. Final was 13-2. In 1987, the Vikings were seeded last in the NFC and won a wild-card game after being a 6.5 point underdog. The following week they were at an 11 point underdog and beat the top seeded 49ers.
  1. Super Bowl XXV
    1. The New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 to win their second SuperBowl. Bills placekicker, Scott Norwood, missed a last-second field goal attempt.
  2. September 1st, 2007
    1. Appalachian State University beat Michigan by blocking Michigan’s  field goal kick and returning it down the field 62 yards.
  3. SuperBowl XXXII
    1. After the Jaguars upset the following year in the Super Bowl, the Broncos pulled off their own upset against defending champs. The Packers lost 31-24.
  4. Stanford Upsets USC
    1. October 6th, 2007. Stanford beat USC 24-23 using a backup quarterback while at the away team’s field. Major disadvantages still shock people to this day.
  5. Super Bowl III
    1. The Colts were favored to win against the Jets. However, Joe Namath famously announced the Jets would win days before the game, and sure enough, they did. The score ended at 16-7 with fans left shocked.
  6. James Madison vs. Virginia Tech; September 11th, 2010
    1. Virginia Tech was stepping out into the season as a Top Ten Team. They lost their season opener against Boston College and then embarrassingly lost their second game of the season to the underdog James Madison University. 
  7. Marshall defeats #8 Notre Dame.
    1. The unranked Herd came out on top defeating Notre Dame 26-21. Notre Dame head coach, Marcus Freeman, became the first head coach in program history to start 0-3.

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