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To Pay or Not to Pay…

By July 9, 2020April 27th, 2022Business Insurance, Workers' Compensation

This question comes up at renewal time for many business owners. Most understand the requirement to provide Workers’ Compensation, but are faced with a major revenue strain when they have to pay a large payment (i.e. Down Payment or End of Year Audit). This difficult decision for many small business often comes at a much larger cost than the unpaid policy premium.

· Did you know that Workers Comp often has billing options? More than typical single pay or monthly

· What if you only paid what you owed each month?  Busy time of the year you pay more and less during those off seasons

· Wouldn’t it be nice if the dreaded audit was simplified to a few minutes AND no surprise balloon payments afterwards?

· Would you like to improve cash flow?

· What if you could eliminate down payments all together?

If you’re a small business owner and any of these questions shoot off fireworks, contact one of our Workers’ Compensation Specialists today!



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