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Should I get a Dash Cam?

Car Accidents!! They happen EVERYDAY. One question we get all the time is “why am I being charged with the accident?”. That is a complicated question. Many times, the answer is simple; however there are also times when the adjuster gets it wrong. Fault is typically determined from the statements made by all the parties involved. SOMETIMES, the versions of what occurred are different. For example: You are driving on the highway, and someone cuts you off and then slams on the brakes, and you hit them. In most cases you hit someone in the rear you are at fault. In this case you feel you are not because they cut you off and hit the brakes suddenly. When the police conduct the interview, the other person is not going to say they cut you off and slammed on the brakes. Their story will be much different from yours. It’s not fair you exclaim! That is true. So how do we avoid this situation? DASH CAM. A dash cam is video evidence that your story is an accurate story.  A picture (more especially a video) is worth a thousand words.


There are several reasons dash cams are important to install in your car:


  1. First and foremost it is for your protection. It saves you in the event of an accident to dispute accusations that may arise from other parties involved. Video footage does not lie. It provides an accurate account of what happened. A 30 second video could potentially save you money and points on your license in the event you are in a not at-fault accident.
  2. Ease of mind knowing you have video leverage while driving. Having a dash cam in the front and back of your vehicle provides some comfort when being involved in an accident because you have the leverage when it comes to determining fault with the claims adjuster.
  3. Helps prove not at-fault accidents! Going along with the ease of mind, you do not have to fear being found at-fault and getting points on your license. Points can last up to 3-5 years on your record depending on the type of situation. Points can negatively affect your insurance premium and cause an increase in price. Do you want to pay an extra $100 a month for an accident that is not your fault? 
  4. You do not have to pay a deductible for a not at-fault accident. This saves you money from having to pay out of pocket for an accident or claim that was caused by another party. 
  5. You never have to worry about running out of insurance because your personal limits will not be furnished as a not at-fault party. This dash cam can prevent you from ever worrying about if insurance will cover the entire accident.


*Disclaimer: Review your laws in your state regarding use use of dash cam videos for insurance purposes*