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Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane
If your home is in the path of a hurricane or major storm, there are some simple things you can do to help mitigate the damage if you have time and it will not put you or your family in danger. And, remember, always heed any evacuation orders from local emergency officials.

1.  Secure any parts of a fence that appear weakened or loose.
2.  Trim trees and shrubbery away from structures, and remove any sections of trees that may easily break and fall onto structures.
3.  Move lawn furniture, toys, potted plants, garden tools and other yard objects inside.
4.  Protect glass from flying objects. Attach shutters or use plywood panels to cover windows before the storm is expected to hit your area.
5.  Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks, gaps or holes outside where water could get in. Especially look at openings where cables and pipes enter the house.
6.  Place appliances that are on the ground floor on masonry blocks or concrete, including stoves, washers and dryers.
7.  Roll up area rugs and get them off the floor to reduce the chances that they will become wet and grow mold or mildew.
8.  If you have a sump pump, put fresh batteries in it.
9.  Shut off the electrical service at the main breaker if the electrical system and outlets could possibly be under water.
10.  Put together a disaster supplies kit that includes water, food, a first aid kit, a whistle, a dust mask, necessary medicines and supplies for your pet including food, dishes and a leash.