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Oh no! I need to file a claim!

What do I do if I have a claim?

      Insurance is there for when the unexpected occurs to you or any of your property that you own and have placed coverage on. A covered loss can only be determined by a claims adjuster that is assigned to your case. How do you start the claims process if it were ever to occur? At All Insurance Services, we make the claims process easy.

  • Log on to our website
  • Click on the client portal tab
  • Click on report a claim
  • Place all the information that is requested and hit submit.

      From here, our claims advisor (not adjuster) will take a look at your written first notice of loss, get in contact with you, and help file the claim for you with your direct carrier. This alleviates the stress as the policyholder of having to file the claim directly with your carrier. From there, a claims adjuster will be assigned by the carrier and you will communicate with them about everything and anything that arises with your claim. If you have problems getting in contact with the claims adjuster, call us! We can help you navigate contacting them.


Can I just file through my carrier?

      You can file through your carrier, however, it is not plausible when you are insured with an independent agency. Whenever you file a claim by going through a carrier first, they automatically file a claim on your behalf whether you have the overage or not. If it’s a not-at-fault (NAF) accident, they will still file the claim on your insurance as opposed to advising to properly file it on the responsible parties insurance. It is safer and most credible to file through our website first, let our claims specialist take a look at it, and then determine if a claim should be filed or not. 


Is it covered?

      Before asking your insurance agent if it is covered, please note only claims adjusters can answer that question. We can provide deductibles and direct wording from your policy, but the claims adjuster has the final say. All Insurance Services is not a claims adjuster.


Is it worth filing a claim?

      Ultimately it is up to the policyholder to file a claim or not. Claims may have a negative effect on insurance policies. For automobile insurance, a deductible is always required before insurance will “kick in”. If the claim in question is less than your deductible amount, there is no point filling a claim. For example, a deer kicks your passenger mirror off and it is $100 to fix. Your comprehensive and collision deductibles are at $500. This would be an instance where the deductible is more than the claim and would not make sense to file it.

Please note: Filing a false claim is insurance fraud and can be punishable up to five years in prison and a penalty of up to $250,000 per incident.