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Maneuvering Cyberbullying

By June 10, 2022June 21st, 2022Personal Insurance

Technology has transformed the way we go about our everyday lifestyles. It is supposed to positively affect and make life just a bit easier. However, with the positive comes the negatives. The development of the internet created a way for all computers to connect and share information with just the click of a button. Hiding behind a screen, anyone can say or do anything with the click of a mouse. With the power to transform into anyone and say anything, cyberbullying started becoming a prominent issue with technology. The development of social media sparked a rise in the amount of cyberbullying around the world. With the rise in online media and now with every new piece of technology, it is becoming easier and easier to bully an individual electronically ( 

Here are some interesting and important facts about cyberbullying that may help you and your family maneuver around becoming the victim of a cyberbully attack.

  • Social Media is the #1 platform for cyberbullying
    • Monitoring your child’s twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. can help reduce the risk of being a victim to cyberbullying. It can also help with monitoring to make sure no one is being the assailant of a cyberbullying attack.
  • Girls are the most susceptible to cyberbullying
    • It is important to take action to help girls stand up for themselves and establish strong self-esteem and positive voices within their communities. As girls grow older, they become more vulnerable to how others see them. This may be their looks, hair, clothes, personalities, accessories, etc. During puberty, girls are more at risk of falling into mental health issues due to bullying. Online, anyone, any age can say something negative about someone…. especially to girls. They are the most vulnerable.
  • The majority of people who see cyberbullying do nothing
    • Have you ever come across a Facebook post that was bashing someone? Did you feel it was your job to step in and help the victim? Most people tend to just scroll past and subjectively think “someone else will help them, why should I stop and do it?” This is also known as the bystander effect. Individuals tend to be subconsciously persuaded that other people will step in, so the individual chooses to participate as a bystander. It is very common for nobody to step in, thus leaving the victim to fend for themselves.
  • Online gaming is very common source for cyberbullying
    • Videos go viral daily from streamers who game, exploiting the individuals who are cyberbullying during a game. These instances can include talking in a derogatory way towards an individual or an individual’s close family and friends. Individuals are susceptible to the words of another user they cannot even see. Some individuals may take it entirely too far and state they are “just joking”. Cyberbullying is no joke. 

Digital Awareness for Parents– how to be in the know of what is going on with your children’s technology use and prevent the spread of cyberbullying.

  • Monitor a teen’s use of social media and browsing history if you sense there would be an issue with cyberbullying. 
  • Befriend your children on social media to keep an eye out for any content that may be inappropriate
  • Keep a list of your children’s usernames and passwords so you can periodically check on their accounts to see what is going on.
  • Most importantly, establish rules when your teen begins playing and exploring the internet. This can save your child from meeting online predators and keep them from hurting anybody as well. 

What can you do to protect yourself and your family?

  • Speak to one of our amazing agents today about setting yourself up with a personal umbrella policy.
  • Be actively engaged in what your child is doing on the internet so that you are aware of what is going on. Being an active participant and limiting monitor time can not only protect your child, other children, but also yourself.
  • Visit to become an upstander, not a bystander!
  • Schedule an appointment with us to make sure personal injury is a covered peril under your personal umbrella policy and/or homeowners’ policy.