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Beating the Heat 101

By May 2, 2022May 19th, 2022Personal Insurance

Summertime is approaching which means temperatures are rising and the sun’s UV rays are at its strongest.  Whether your home or car is going through an unexpected air conditioning crisis, or the beach/pool heat is stronger than you expected, there are always ways to cool off. 


Imagine you are sitting at home and all of a sudden, your air conditioning system goes out. The electrician cannot come until tomorrow. So, you are left wondering, what can you do around the house to make the temperature go down a couple degrees?

  1. Use the Egyptian method
    1. This method includes dampening your sheet to stay cool and covered. Be careful not to soak the sheet but wet it just enough to create a cool cover while sitting in front of your fan.
  2. Close the curtains during the day, the darker the curtain the better
    1. Closing the curtains prevent the sun’s UV rays from overheating your room
  3. Open your windows and interior doors at night.
    1. Opening windows and interior doors creates a cross breeze allowing cooler air to flow freely from room to room
    2. At night, the air is cooler.
  4. Do not forget to adjust your ceiling fan according to the season
    1. Counterclockwise during the summer and clockwise during the winter
  5. Sleep low
    1. Edmund Halley best discovered this phenomenon in 1686…heat rises. The lower you sleep, the cooler you will feel.
  6. Drink lots of water
    1. When your body becomes dehydrated, it will feel hotter. Staying hydrated ensures your internal body temperature stays consistent.


Cars are practically portable saunas in the summertime. Try these simple tips to keep your car cooler when it’s parked. Nobody enjoys coming out to a scorching hot car in the middle of the summer…. especially when the metal part of the seatbelt accidentally burns your skin (OUCH!).

  1. Park in a shady area if there is one
  2. Use a dash cover and windshield visor
  3. Keep windows slightly cracked
  4. Throw blankets over the seats
  5. Prop open your door before getting in

Beach/Pool Days

Save yourself from the devastating UV rays the sun gives off during those hot summer months when you want to spend time outside by the water. Whether it is going to the beach or sitting by the pool, the sun can take a physical toll on you. Here are some tips and tricks to lessen the heat and keep you cooler so you can enjoy time outside longer. 

  1. WATER!!
    1. It is so important to stay hydrated
  2. Bring an Umbrella
  3. Wear a hat and sunglasses
  4. Lather on sunscreen every hour
  5. Take a break from being vulnerable in the sun
  6. Get in the water and cool off.